Totally Addicted to Pinterest.

OK, at first I didn’t see the point of it. Looked at the Pinterest home page, and thought to myself – “Meh, I’ll check that out later.” Later finally came, and I found myself waiting on an invite. Thankfully, a friend of mine sent me one – so I didn’t have to wait that long. Waiting sucks. However… I now have a Pinterest page, and have been pinning all the things!!!

Michelle is on Pinterest!

Once I finally got my butt in there, I actually headed straight for the help page. Can you believe? What is the world coming to?

Seriously though, if you’re new to Pinterest check the help area first. It will explain a few things for you on how this site works. Sometimes help files don’t help much, but in this case I learned enough to get started. To find the help area hover over “About” with your mouse, and you’ll see it.

One thing still puzzled me though…

Why do you see all these “pins” BEFORE you log in, yet AFTER you log in, it’s blank. No more images. What happened there? Found out, that you won’t see anything on your main page until you start following a few people. Then, as the people you are following start pinning things – you will see images pop up from those pins. Your main board will fill very quickly after you have started following a few people.

I also didn’t understand how to find pins either. Then I figured out that you can start searching for pins by hovering your mouse over the “everything” link. The main categories will pop up under “everything.”

Categories for Pinterest

Pinterest Categories

Pick one that is interesting to you, and click on it. If you select Photography for instance, you’ll see a bunch of images pop up for that category. Those images are what Pinterest calls “pins.” If you are lucky, you can click on a pin for a larger view of the image, then click on the image for a link. The idea is, that by clicking the larger image you can go to whatever website link/page the image originally came from. This doesn’t always happen however, but many are linked that way. Which I prefer honestly.

Especially for recipes, photographs, crafts, etc – I would like to be able to link through to the instructions that go along with making the recipe pictured, or be able to find out who took a particular photo, or how to make a certain craft. I hate it when these types of links don’t go to the right place, but I’m new. I’ll probably get used to it. :)

Other images, like those in the “humor” section are rarely linked to the original source. Probably because they have been passed around so many times, who knows where they came from. I don’t even bother clicking on those anymore. Ha!

To get your own pins started, you need to create boards to put your pins. Currently I have 17 boards, but that is subject to change at any time. ;)

Michelle's Pinterest Boards

You can create a board when you “repin” or add a pin, or you can create boards first – then fill them with pins later. The Pinterest help files will explain how to create boards, what pins are, and all that fun stuff. To just get started, search through the categories until you find something you like, and want to keep on your boards. Click on “repin” to add the pin to one of your boards, or click on “like.”

Likes are different than pins, and will go to your “likes” section. By clicking on your name in Pinterest, you will find the following:

How to navigate Pinterest.

Pinterest navigation.

Click on “likes” to see what you have liked, or try clicking on the other topics to navigate through the Pinterest areas. I’m currently using the “like” function to mark pins that I want to check out later. I don’t know if this is rude yet or not, but when I get the chance to go through my likes, I’ll either “repin” or not. With currently 608 likes, it’s getting a little ridiculous. Sometimes I can’t remember if I already checked a pin or not.

Of course I’m going to feel “rude” if I “unlike” a bunch of pins. Figures! But I haven’t found any other way to remove the pins I already went through and didn’t “repin” for whatever reason. I should probably check around for some Pinterest etiquette rules, because I’m sure they exsist… but for now I’m going to have to unlike some pins!

TIP ~ You can always click the big red Pinterest logo at the top of the page at any time. It will take you back to your main board.

I highly recommend the “pin it” button you add to your browser. You can find it here. You may have to scroll up the page, because It’s the first entry on there. I normally use Firefox, so didn’t have any problem loading the “pin it” button to the browser. This will allow you to add your own pins. Say you just wrote up a killer blog post on how to do the latest craft. Go to your blog post, and click the pin it button. Pinterest will pull up images from that page to select from.

Screen shot of the Pin it button for your browser.

Pin it button for your browser.

Select an image, and give it a description. Make sure you give credit to the original author (which would be yourself in this case) – and give a good description of what someone would find on that link. When I do pins like this (instead of using the repin) – I try to give a nice description for others. You can see some of my pin descriptions below.

Descriptions added to Pinterest pins.

Pin Descriptions.

Yes, it may take a bit more time – but when I look back through my pins for a particular tutorial for example, the description gives me a clue on where to find it. Thank goodness for that, because the older I get, the more I tend to forget. :)

Hopefully, this is helpful to those of you who have NOT TRIED Pinterest yet. Oh my gosh, what are you waiting for? I have found so many good recipes… and I’ve tried about 3 of them so far. Many more waiting for me to try! And so many other cool things too. Like wonderful photography, killer craft ideas, infographics, and much more. You just have to take some time to look around. Feel free to follow some of my boards to get started.

TIP ~ You can follow individual boards instead of “follow all.” I didn’t understand that before, but NOW I do. There are people on there that have literally THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of pins. And tons of boards. You may not like every board they have, so just follow the boards you are most interested in.

It may be a while until I write up my next blog post, so until next time… peace! :)


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